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We guide you into, through, and back out of the depths of what feels impossible. Focusing on intuition, purpose, and empathy, we shine a light for you and your team to see more clearly and know where to go from here.

Intuitive Leaders

When a leader is intuitive, they understand themselves and their team. They know how their people feel before the shit hits the fan. They heal what limits them to solve challenges confidently.

We’ve created a purpose coaching method for executives that uniquely enables them to solve real-time challenges while reestablishing a connection with their purpose and intuition. Our coaches guide leaders through bi-weekly one-on-one sessions in four progressive phases, including an interactive workbook and custom materials.

How it works

Purposeful Teams

When a team is purposeful, they feel seen and heard. They know their value and align with an organization’s purpose. Their confidence leads to fulfillment and a strong sense of belonging.

Our method supports teams as they face challenges head-on, helping them develop authentic solutions. In four progressive phases, we conduct research, one-on-one interviews, interactive workshops, or “team therapy.” And we strategize on internal messaging to connect teams back to their purpose and renew a sense of belonging and inspiration.

How it works

Empathetic Brands

When brands are empathetic, they anticipate their customers’ desires and clearly and consistently communicate their purpose through thoughtful branding and marketing strategies.

We advise brands on how to align with their organization’s purpose so that they can amplify their impact. Partnering with purpose-led branding and PR agencies, we train marketing teams, develop communication strategies — including core messaging — to enrich the customer experience.

How it works

What our clients are saying

Eight22 Group is a trusted sherpa to get us through times of great distress. They help make unspoken truths spoken. It’s not easy or comfortable, but having that on the table means you can tackle what matters as opposed to dancing around it.

Alisyn Malek
Executive Director
Commission on the Future of Mobility

Consultancies tend to treat only what happens at work as the cause and the symptom. But Eight22 Group can pick the individual people, understand the nuance of their personalities and experiences, and see how those affect the behaviors and outcomes in the organization. Their solutions are tailored to the organization because of their deep understanding of the organization.

Hailey Wojcik
Head of People and Culture
Business of Fashion

No matter what challenge or opportunity I encounter running a company, I bring it to Mory and we unpack it together. Mory's coaching is a perfect balance between listening, guiding, and providing active tools which help me navigate any new terrain. Through her coaching i'm stepping into a new level of my leadership - one that feels very true and natural to me but something that was very hard to access on my own

Kara Brothers
Starface World

I’ve never felt more positive about the future of our company. The executive advisory is unlike any executive coaching I’ve had, beyond the transformation of our values into actions that the team can tangibly live and the alignment with my leadership team. It’s intuitive, completely customized, and has taught me how to be a visionary and inspirational leader.

Ed Olson
Chief Executive Officer
May Mobility
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