A fire in your belly is good. A fire in your inbox is not.

There is nothing more valuable than feeling seen or heard. It boosts confidence that is contagious. Teams feel that sense of belonging when they align with an organization’s purpose. Our method supports teams as they face challenges and helps them develop real solutions.

Transformative Facilitations That
Realign Teams Around Purpose

Engage the dynamics
Illuminate the
unspoken obstacles
Transform toxic
Communicate the

Engage the dynamics

We start with listening. And it can get personal. But it’s essential to hear what a team is experiencing: the good, the bad, and the ugly. We do our research to fully understand the team’s needs, strengths, and areas for growth.

In this first step, we gather data. We conduct surveys, assessments, one-on-one interviews, and group facilitations.

Illuminate the unspoken obstacles

With clarity comes direction. Our job is to shed light on complex situations. After understanding a team, we deliver a diagnostic assessment, unearthing hidden problems and articulating solutions to address them across three major areas:

  • Intuitive Leadership (e.g., decision-making and trust in leaders)

  • Purposeful Teams (e.g., issues in the culture and inclusivity)

  • Empathetic Brands (e.g., blocks related to communicating and connecting to purpose)

Transform toxic behavior

It gets worse before it gets better. We guide and empower teams to address challenges and develop practical solutions. Our clients refer to this work as “team therapy.”

In this final step, we lead a series of interactive workshops and facilitations to address toxic culture, a dwindling sense of purpose, lack of leadership alignment, and difficulty with collaboration.

Communicate the change

Clear and consistent messaging builds trust. We advise leaders and internal communicators on messaging, developing an engaging plan to share an organization’s progress, and sustaining its transformation across the organization.

Leave nothing at the door.

For larger teams, we offer training workshops covering team intuition, crisis management, mindful communication, and managing internal chaos.  

To fast-forward the transformation, we recommend our one-on-one executive purpose coaching.

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