We’re not afraid of getting fired.

We are a group of intuitive and purpose-driven strategists who inspire and problem-solve alongside leaders and teams to transform turmoil into triumph.

What we do

We build intuitive leaders, purposeful teams, and empathetic brands. Restoring and transforming organizations through purpose coaching, organizational redesign, crisis medicine, and custom workshops, we guide companies toward their true purpose.

It’s personal (and professional).

When leadership teams are self-aware and have a sense of purpose, employees are happier, and brands make a bigger impact. But when leaders are chaotic, so is everything else. We address the entire system, working at every layer — leaders, teams, and brand — to create real purpose and success from the inside out.

Our offerings

Who we are

We listen to help, strategize to build, and inspire to restore and transform. Alongside our partners, we are a collective of strategists, freelancers, and boutique agencies who have (literally) been there.

Mory Fontanez
Mory Fontanez
CEO and Founder

Mory Fontanez is a Purpose + Intuition Coach, Author, Speaker, and Founder of Eight22 Group – a consultancy designed to help organizations elevate their consciousness. As a sought-after coach, Mory guides leaders and public personalities to reconnect with their deep inner wisdom as the most effective strategy to navigate change, challenges and growth.  After a successful career as a crisis manager for Fortune 500 companies, a critical truth became clear to Mory – many leaders fail those that rely on them because they are disconnected from their intuition and ultimately, their purpose.  Mory’s unique methodology helps people quiet the noise of internal limiting beliefs so that they may fully hear their intuition and build a consistent connection to this powerful source of guidance.  Her work is deeply focused on teaching people to honor their own intuition rather than conform, assimilate, and seek validation.

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